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    Many of today's vents have a root cause and a beginning.I'm not trying to scare anyone.So much has been said in the bible,I"m the way the truth and the life".A lot of it is not understood at all.God is life,without Him there is no life.God has been long suffering wanting to be known as God and as our Lord,Saviour and Ruler.He said in Genesis 6:"My Spirit shall not always strive with man," Man loves to disobey God and there has to be a day when God begins to show and prove that He is God Almighty.This is the day as of 3 February 2020 onwards when God begins to show that He is God of the entire universe.A severe drought has hit Southern Africa mainly Zimbabwe,that is death.America's pride and joy,the economy is falling fast and a great depression will manifest from 2023 onwards,that is death.I'm a man of facts,i do not build castles in the air.Experiments are now killing people like the recent one in China,a virus worse that flu that escaped the lab by accident,that is death.Does God enjoy it when people die? No,these are just warning shots to mankind because man does not listen to God.My Spirit shall not always strive with man.This means that one day God will judge mankind for disobedience to His Word.The Christian world is full of hypocites.There are thousands of church denominations and bible colleges that do not agree on scripture and do not love one another.God knew that and to help us out,He sent us a prophet.A rare man found in the scriptures.He fulfilled Malachi 4:5 The Elijah to turn our hearts back to the hearts or faith of bible fathers like Peter,James,John,Elisha etc.This prophet was called William Branham.He taught what Paul taught 1 Tomothy 1:12 "I suffer not a woman to teach".Today women still preach and teach in churches.What people want is to be told, "do whatever you want to do in church or as a Christian",but at work,in government etc there are laws to follow.God just does not accept just anything.This is why Paul said "Do not take advantage of grace to sin".The death upon the earth is a final warning shot from God,Will you choose death or will you choose life? He is the way the truth and the life.Deuteronomy 30:15"See,i have set before thee this day life and good,and death and evil".I choose life,I choose Jesus Christ and i choose the end time message preached by William Branham because it corrects the error in our worship before God.Then someone says,choosing the teachings of a prophet? Ephesians 2:30 "And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief cornerstone." Jesus is the overseer.His teachings and foudation and restoration are conducted by apostles and prophets.Christ will say but you never listened to my foundation,how then can you get to me the top part of the house of God? Everything is in order and has an order.We pray direct to Christ but we learn through the foundation.William Branham came from America and travelled around the world seven times preaching the restoring and the strict Word of God and the bible days in action again.America flatly refused this prophet in 1956 and he condemned America saying America is broke this will show much later onwards.Today America is one of those nations that wants to borrow money,in the case of America,her own own currency from China.That is a shame.America,a nation given the stewardship to carry the gospel to the world and became a first born in most things including a strong currency,business,politics etc but refused the end time message the very foundation of the gospel that the nation was supposed to teach to the nations.Death is upon America.It is not too late America.God revealed to me,Raymond that a great economic depression is coming to America 2023 onwards.Repent America and escape judgment,this is your second and last chance.God is full of mercy,He gives second chances.Do not play with a prophet of God who is found in the scriptures,you are playing with judgment and death.Elijah said there will not be rain until i call for it and God Himself said Amen.There are certain things that prophets speak and God says, "so be it".God honours the position or office that He gave to that particular prophet.Death is upon the world because the world in some parts is refusing Noah's arc of our day,our very protection, the end time message.God is found inside the message of that day,like He was found in Noah's message at that time.Noah was a preacher of righteousness.William Branham came to restore all things.True bible worship,true bible gifts,true Christian conduct,true fellowship with God,the Word of God as it was in the bible days etc.
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    To redeem is to buy back or bring back.Most people who go to church do not understand what redemption is all about.The gospel has become foreign to most people and it's hard to preach it or say it like it is.Genesis 1:1 says "Let us make man in our own image after our likeness".Man was made in the image of God.Man was made like God having the powers and eternal life of God.Of course these powers were given in smaller measures.In Eden man fell through sin and lost everyting.The saddest part in the bible to me is Genesis 5,were it said and Adam died.Imagine a man that was supposed to live forever died and today every man continues to die.Jesus Christ died on the cross on Mount Calvary to redeem man back to eternal life,the likeness of God and the power of God.The Devil likes to convince most people that redemption is only a myth or only just a story.Christians are the main victims.To be redeemed is to be redeemed.Jesus paid the price of redemption 2000 years ago by the shedding of His own blood on the cross so that we could be like Him in stature,character and victory,henceforth we are Christians meaning we are Christ like.The seven seals of Revelation 6 were opened by God's prophet William Branham in 1963 to enforce redemption.Not to say that those who died in Christ earlier will not be redemeed.They are already redeemed.The opening of the seven seals is the anointing of the Lion of The Tribe of Judah on display or manifestation.The seals cursed mankind for not believing in God and also made a way for those who will to escape the judgments of God and enjoy the fruits of redemption.You think God is not aware that there is AIDS and cancer.He said in Psalm 105 "I'm The Lord that healeth ALL thy diseases".The seals were opened Satan cannot stand in the way of redemption anymore through deception,his main tool.God can enforce healing of Aids,Cancer or whatever disaease.What's the mystery? You did not believe until now that these are small issues before God.What's the use of redemption when you are sick,death related and lacking? You see, most people cannot stomach the gospel as it is.The gospel is a feast,a jubilee,it means good news.The Devil keeps things away from us.Aids,Cancer,Tb can be healed in the right atonement or right anointing,yes,i know what i'm talking about.Receive your healing no matter what disease you are suffering from in the name of Jesus Christ.We are now on the other side of redemption,the manifestation of the fruits of redemption,Amen.You do not have to lack,may God give you something that gives you a good income.All this including eternal life is part of redemption.The Lion of Judah enforces redemption through the Holy Spirit,not William Branham,he only came to show us what Christ Himself is doing in the order of redemption.he was a messenger of God.The Lion is a judge,Redemption is the process of bringing back all that man lost in the garden of Eden.God used to speak with man in Eden.You should however be careful of voices that speak to you,not everything is of God.The genuine article however is always there.Redemption means peace and living in the presence of God once more.Redemption is eternal life.Redemption is a life of victory.Redemption crushes the works of the Devil.Redemption reaches out to all the people who are lost or are yet to find God.We become God's co-workers in the gospel kingdom.Redemption is the love of God given to mankind free so that in New Jersulem the eternal City,we will live forever and not die anymore.Amen

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    Rich or poor man continues to suffer.He can suffer from poverty,loss,sickness or pain.A billionaire can turn blue on the face and be in pain because of a broken little finger.Anyone can lose their life through a sudden incident or accident.Was man put here on earth to suffer and die? I will take an example of William Branham God's End Time messenger.As gifted as he was,a man that God would speak to lip to ear.A man who raised a few dead people for the testimonny of Jesus Christ.In spite of all this William suffered from a severe stomach condition gastritis and was healed by God not so long before he passed away.William gives a supernatural encounter about the stomach problem in the message On The Wings of A snow White Dove,preached on the 28th of November 1965."Well,the little animal that i saw was six inches long.The string of doves that Mom saw was six,six is incomplete.I knew that someday I'd see that seventh one.That was man,suffering;so on and on it went".(End quote).William did see the seventh dove,a sign of his victory against the stomach problem.You see,the number six represents man.Seven represents God.God made the world and rested on the seventh day.Next time you have a stomach problem or a lack or any sickness in your life remember it's only six inches long.It is at the level of man and his surroundings.Jesus paid the price John 19:30 "It is finished!"This means that like the first man Adam we can come in contact with God again.Where God is there is no pain.Where God is there is no sickness.Where God is there is no lack.In Revelation 4,John was told come up higher.We've got to come to the level of God if we want salvation and rest from the cares of this world.The problems in this world are only six inches long.God is so much higher and He can mend them all,only if you let Him as an individual.That testimony "It's only six inches long",as seen in a vision of the supernatural really touches me.I believe in my own capacity that a few people in this life are going to become the firstfruits of redemption and they will not get sick and they will not lack,they will become a sign or a billboard advert to the world that soon we will be in God's presence,the very thing that Adam lost,perfect health and eternal life they will have it.There in God's presence is no pain,no lack and He will wipe away the tears from our eyes says Revealtion 21.That poverty,it's only six inches long,that problem child it's only six inches long,the God of the seven which is completion will intervene.Seven means completion,once we are in God's presence everything becomes complete.I'm not talking about the Seventh day church.I'm talking about the reality of resting in God no matter if it is Saturday or Monday.A Christian is supposed to rest with no problems because this world and its problems are only six inches long.God who lives in a higher dimension can solve any problem that you have,yes,even cancer.That cancer is only six inches long.believe in God,all things are possible.Oh i feel good right now.It's only six inches long.There is nothing too hard for the Lord.What is your need?Remember your problem is only six inches long.God lives in seven a higher order,won't you let Him help you? How? Just believe that He has already done it,helped you.Wait for your response of changing things around right now or within weeks because that disease,that lack,that bully,that problen that won't go away"It's only six inches long." Amen DONATE

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    Conressman Upshaw and Naman were both gentiles or non-Jewish people and they were both great men that needed healing or restoration.Every man was made in God's image as a great man and being but fell from grace.The testimony of Congressman Upshaw was one of the restoration of man.The message came to show us the way,the path and to give us specific examples.Every meaasage testimony means something and can be traced back to the bible.I love the testimony of Congressman Upshaw because that's what the plan of redemption is all about.Man was great to begin with but he fell in Eden and died.Jesus Christ died for man on the cross so that man could live again eternally and become great again fulfilling Genesis 1:26 "and let them have domion".The message is a faith builder.As you go through the various testimonies your faith builds up.It's not a new bible.The message is the bible.The bible is the message.Can i prove this? You take the bible without understanding and you have hundreds of church denomintations and bible colleges that differ or cannot agree on bible scriptures.The message makes the Word of God one and plain.The bible is all about the plan of redemption,the redemption of man not the building of bible colleges or church denominations.

    When William Branham was on a healing campaign in Finland it came to him that a little boy that had died was the one he saw in a vision before hand.He then prayed for the boy and the boy rose up from the dead.The testimony of that boy is that everyone who died in Christ will be raised from the dead and enjoy ertenal life.Maybe that boy died again but once Christ raises the saints from the dead they are raised up for sure.

    William Branham was born in 1909 on the 6th of April in America.He is Malachi 4:5.The Elijah to restore the hearts of the children to the fathers or the person to restore our faith back to the bible faith or the bible days.It is very rare that someone has a scripture just for him like William Branham.He also gave a replay of John the Baptist to the gentiles,he came to announce the second coming of Christ.As he was baptizing the 17th person on Ohio river in 1933, a voice came from up high and said to him,"As John the baptist was sent to announce the first coming of Christ,so shall you forerun the second coming of Christ".He also gave a replay of Samson.No one spoke out against sin until the speaking stuck like William.He also gave a replay of Zerubabel,Elias of Matthew 17 etc.Many people feel that the emphasis of the End Time Message is on William Branham.Ephesians 2:30 "And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone".Branham came to restore the landmarks of God's Word,the foundation.Jesus will ask you did you listen to the prophets and the apostles? Branham was a true prophet.Paul was an apostle
    The foundation of the Word of God are the teachings of the apostles and prophets and William Branham preached what Paul preached to the dot. DONATE

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    Revelations 10:7 "In the days of the sounding of the seventh angel the mystery of God should be finished as He had declared to His servants the prophets".God is a mystery and He loves to remain a mystery.He then promised that in a particular era in time He would no longer be a mystery to people.The purpose of the message is to restore the entire Word of God as it was in the days of the bible.The restoration includes the revelation of God or Jesus Christ to the world in the form of His Word.The message also came to enforce what Jesus Christ died for on Mount Calvary.Many people read about Christ but they cannot benefit from His finished work.The message is the opening of the Word or the revelation of the Word to the current generation using examples that are directly linked to the bible.Many people had testimonies.These were not just testimonies,they were a recital of the bible days.Not an adding to the bible.The bible was wrote for our example.If you can identify your situation with a bible character,in most casses it means that you have found grace in the eyes of God.Your situation can change for the better.That is what i mean by the opening of the Word to the human race.In the days of the preaching of the original message many people were reciting the bible or opening the Word of God on their lives without knowing it.Here are a few good examples.
    The gospel is not about making money,it is about salvation.It is however God's plan that once we are redeemed we become rich in the Spirit and in the order of eternal life.The first man Adam had everything.The wealth of the earth and the wealth of heaven plus eternal life.John Sharrit who was a partaker of the message is an example of God's plan of restoration,a man who could also say like in Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my Shephered i shall not want".It is not the will of God for people to cry and lack good things.The catch is that people have a faith that differs and they get according to their faith.John Sharrit used to live in a garage owned by a rich millionairess.All he had to do was to look after the ground or the care taking of the home owned by the rich lady.The woman eventually out of her own accord lent John $10 000.John bought a small home with that money,renovated it and sold it at a highr price.That was the start of a real esatate business which turned John into a multi-millionaire owning a lot of properties in his community.I'm not saying that everyone should get rich but once God restores,God has restored and John Sharrit could give a testimnony of a zero to a hero,the power of restoration.

    John Ryan was prayed for in the message arena and he did not recieve his sight there and there.john would then go about shouting "I'm Healed".Some people would tell him that he was bringing a reproach to the gospel.John kept on saying "I'm Healed", until one day for sure he began to see.There was a man in the bible who was healed from blindness and was questioned about the healing.He told the people that all i know is that now i can see.John's testimony tells us that the power of the Word of God can heal both natural and Spiritual blindness.In Revelation 3 we are told to buy eye salve so that we can see.There are people who are so rich on the outside but but are blind in the Spirit,the condition of Laodicia the last day church age.

    A negro woman or in our days a black American woman aunti Jamaima had a dream.In that dream she was the Shunammite woman of the bible and a preacher man resembling Elijah of the bible came along to her homestead to pray for her son who had taken on a sexually transmitted disease.Aunti Jamaima waited outside her home that day.William Branham's plane,the one he was on was forced to land in a certain district,so William just thought of taking a walk.Aunti Jamaima saw him and said Parson,you are the Elijah.William said "excuse me ma'm but how did you know i was a parson?" She told him her dream and they went inside her home and her son was prayed for.Her son was moaning and groaning and then cried out,"There is light in the room".He was healed.Here Aunti Jamaima gave a replay of the Shunammite woman of the bible.The message came to open the Word of God,to end the mystery of God to the people so that no matter what situation you are in,you too can be delivered because the bible characters were our examples

    The testimony of Congressman William D Upshaw is very touching.He was in a wheel chair for 66 years and in that condition became a US Congressman and a great author of books.He resembles Naman of 1st Kings 1.Naman a captain in the Syrian Army who was suffering from leprosy.Upshaw and Naman were both gentiles or non-Jewish people. ( Continue here please) THE MYSTERY AND POWER BEHIND THE END TIME MESSAGE 2

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