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Many of today's vents have a root cause and a beginning.I'm not trying to scare anyone.So much has been said in the bible,I"m the way the truth and the life".A lot of it is not understood at all.God is life,without Him there is no life.God has been long suffering wanting to be known as God and as our Lord,Saviour and Ruler.He said in Genesis 6:"My Spirit shall not always strive with man," Man loves to disobey God and there has to be a day when God begins to show and prove that He is God Almighty.This is the day as of 3 February 2020 onwards when God begins to show that He is God of the entire universe.A severe drought has hit Southern Africa mainly Zimbabwe,that is death.America's pride and joy,the economy is falling fast and a great depression will manifest from 2023 onwards,that is death.I'm a man of facts,i do not build castles in the air.Experiments are now killing people like the recent one in China,a virus worse that flu that escaped the lab by accident,that is death.Does God enjoy it when people die? No,these are just warning shots to mankind because man does not listen to God.My Spirit shall not always strive with man.This means that one day God will judge mankind for disobedience to His Word.The Christian world is full of hypocites.There are thousands of church denominations and bible colleges that do not agree on scripture and do not love one another.God knew that and to help us out,He sent us a prophet.A rare man found in the scriptures.He fulfilled Malachi 4:5 The Elijah to turn our hearts back to the hearts or faith of bible fathers like Peter,James,John,Elisha etc.This prophet was called William Branham.He taught what Paul taught 1 Tomothy 1:12 "I suffer not a woman to teach".Today women still preach and teach in churches.What people want is to be told, "do whatever you want to do in church or as a Christian",but at work,in government etc there are laws to follow.God just does not accept just anything.This is why Paul said "Do not take advantage of grace to sin".The death upon the earth is a final warning shot from God,Will you choose death or will you choose life? He is the way the truth and the life.Deuteronomy 30:15"See,i have set before thee this day life and good,and death and evil".I choose life,I choose Jesus Christ and i choose the end time message preached by William Branham because it corrects the error in our worship before God.Then someone says,choosing the teachings of a prophet? Ephesians 2:30 "And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief cornerstone." Jesus is the overseer.His teachings and foudation and restoration are conducted by apostles and prophets.Christ will say but you never listened to my foundation,how then can you get to me the top part of the house of God? Everything is in order and has an order.We pray direct to Christ but we learn through the foundation.William Branham came from America and travelled around the world seven times preaching the restoring and the strict Word of God and the bible days in action again.America flatly refused this prophet in 1956 and he condemned America saying America is broke this will show much later onwards.Today America is one of those nations that wants to borrow money,in the case of America,her own own currency from China.That is a shame.America,a nation given the stewardship to carry the gospel to the world and became a first born in most things including a strong currency,business,politics etc but refused the end time message the very foundation of the gospel that the nation was supposed to teach to the nations.Death is upon America.It is not too late America.God revealed to me,Raymond that a great economic depression is coming to America 2023 onwards.Repent America and escape judgment,this is your second and last chance.God is full of mercy,He gives second chances.Do not play with a prophet of God who is found in the scriptures,you are playing with judgment and death.Elijah said there will not be rain until i call for it and God Himself said Amen.There are certain things that prophets speak and God says, "so be it".God honours the position or office that He gave to that particular prophet.Death is upon the world because the world in some parts is refusing Noah's arc of our day,our very protection, the end time message.God is found inside the message of that day,like He was found in Noah's message at that time.Noah was a preacher of righteousness.William Branham came to restore all things.True bible worship,true bible gifts,true Christian conduct,true fellowship with God,the Word of God as it was in the bible days etc.
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