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To redeem is to buy back or bring back.Most people who go to church do not understand what redemption is all about.The gospel has become foreign to most people and it's hard to preach it or say it like it is.Genesis 1:1 says "Let us make man in our own image after our likeness".Man was made in the image of God.Man was made like God having the powers and eternal life of God.Of course these powers were given in smaller measures.In Eden man fell through sin and lost everyting.The saddest part in the bible to me is Genesis 5,were it said and Adam died.Imagine a man that was supposed to live forever died and today every man continues to die.Jesus Christ died on the cross on Mount Calvary to redeem man back to eternal life,the likeness of God and the power of God.The Devil likes to convince most people that redemption is only a myth or only just a story.Christians are the main victims.To be redeemed is to be redeemed.Jesus paid the price of redemption 2000 years ago by the shedding of His own blood on the cross so that we could be like Him in stature,character and victory,henceforth we are Christians meaning we are Christ like.The seven seals of Revelation 6 were opened by God's prophet William Branham in 1963 to enforce redemption.Not to say that those who died in Christ earlier will not be redemeed.They are already redeemed.The opening of the seven seals is the anointing of the Lion of The Tribe of Judah on display or manifestation.The seals cursed mankind for not believing in God and also made a way for those who will to escape the judgments of God and enjoy the fruits of redemption.You think God is not aware that there is AIDS and cancer.He said in Psalm 105 "I'm The Lord that healeth ALL thy diseases".The seals were opened Satan cannot stand in the way of redemption anymore through deception,his main tool.God can enforce healing of Aids,Cancer or whatever disaease.What's the mystery? You did not believe until now that these are small issues before God.What's the use of redemption when you are sick,death related and lacking? You see, most people cannot stomach the gospel as it is.The gospel is a feast,a jubilee,it means good news.The Devil keeps things away from us.Aids,Cancer,Tb can be healed in the right atonement or right anointing,yes,i know what i'm talking about.Receive your healing no matter what disease you are suffering from in the name of Jesus Christ.We are now on the other side of redemption,the manifestation of the fruits of redemption,Amen.You do not have to lack,may God give you something that gives you a good income.All this including eternal life is part of redemption.The Lion of Judah enforces redemption through the Holy Spirit,not William Branham,he only came to show us what Christ Himself is doing in the order of redemption.he was a messenger of God.The Lion is a judge,Redemption is the process of bringing back all that man lost in the garden of Eden.God used to speak with man in Eden.You should however be careful of voices that speak to you,not everything is of God.The genuine article however is always there.Redemption means peace and living in the presence of God once more.Redemption is eternal life.Redemption is a life of victory.Redemption crushes the works of the Devil.Redemption reaches out to all the people who are lost or are yet to find God.We become God's co-workers in the gospel kingdom.Redemption is the love of God given to mankind free so that in New Jersulem the eternal City,we will live forever and not die anymore.Amen

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