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Rich or poor man continues to suffer.He can suffer from poverty,loss,sickness or pain.A billionaire can turn blue on the face and be in pain because of a broken little finger.Anyone can lose their life through a sudden incident or accident.Was man put here on earth to suffer and die? I will take an example of William Branham God's End Time messenger.As gifted as he was,a man that God would speak to lip to ear.A man who raised a few dead people for the testimonny of Jesus Christ.In spite of all this William suffered from a severe stomach condition gastritis and was healed by God not so long before he passed away.William gives a supernatural encounter about the stomach problem in the message On The Wings of A snow White Dove,preached on the 28th of November 1965."Well,the little animal that i saw was six inches long.The string of doves that Mom saw was six,six is incomplete.I knew that someday I'd see that seventh one.That was man,suffering;so on and on it went".(End quote).William did see the seventh dove,a sign of his victory against the stomach problem.You see,the number six represents man.Seven represents God.God made the world and rested on the seventh day.Next time you have a stomach problem or a lack or any sickness in your life remember it's only six inches long.It is at the level of man and his surroundings.Jesus paid the price John 19:30 "It is finished!"This means that like the first man Adam we can come in contact with God again.Where God is there is no pain.Where God is there is no sickness.Where God is there is no lack.In Revelation 4,John was told come up higher.We've got to come to the level of God if we want salvation and rest from the cares of this world.The problems in this world are only six inches long.God is so much higher and He can mend them all,only if you let Him as an individual.That testimony "It's only six inches long",as seen in a vision of the supernatural really touches me.I believe in my own capacity that a few people in this life are going to become the firstfruits of redemption and they will not get sick and they will not lack,they will become a sign or a billboard advert to the world that soon we will be in God's presence,the very thing that Adam lost,perfect health and eternal life they will have it.There in God's presence is no pain,no lack and He will wipe away the tears from our eyes says Revealtion 21.That poverty,it's only six inches long,that problem child it's only six inches long,the God of the seven which is completion will intervene.Seven means completion,once we are in God's presence everything becomes complete.I'm not talking about the Seventh day church.I'm talking about the reality of resting in God no matter if it is Saturday or Monday.A Christian is supposed to rest with no problems because this world and its problems are only six inches long.God who lives in a higher dimension can solve any problem that you have,yes,even cancer.That cancer is only six inches long.believe in God,all things are possible.Oh i feel good right now.It's only six inches long.There is nothing too hard for the Lord.What is your need?Remember your problem is only six inches long.God lives in seven a higher order,won't you let Him help you? How? Just believe that He has already done it,helped you.Wait for your response of changing things around right now or within weeks because that disease,that lack,that bully,that problen that won't go away"It's only six inches long." Amen DONATE

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